As we kick off season three of Wireframe, Adobe’s design podcast, we’re tackling one of the greatest disruptions to our society in recent history: COVID-19. COVID-19 has changed so many facets of life, but how has it affected designers and the work they do? In the middle of a pandemic, what is the true role and responsibility of a designer?

In this episode, host and Adobe Senior Director of Design Khoi Vinh, speaks with other design leaders to explore the changing nature of work from a designer’s perspective. What does it mean to design during a pandemic, and how do the anxieties and concerns we have about COVID-19 intersect with the responsibilities UX designers already have? If designers are tasked with making technology work better for us, how can these skills be used for good in such challenging times?

Listen to the podcast to hear the story, and click here to read a full transcript of this episode.