The Emerging Specialty: Growth Design

Growth design puts the emphasis on outcomes over outputs. While product designers focus on creating first class products and features, growth designers approach design through the dual lens of customer experience and business impact, delivering value for both. Learning how to better connect their work to the business is an especially useful skillset for design graduates and those early in their careers to stand out and make a real difference in today’s organizations. 

In this livestream event, we’ll explore this fledgling, yet fast growing field with panelists who are leaders in the practice of growth design. They will share the benefits and the strengths growth designers can bring to the table, hiring and career opportunities, and tips on how to start practicing product-led design for growth.


Our chat features Andy Budd, founder of Leading Design & UX London, Krystal Higgins, creator of the First Run UX catalog & UX lead at Google, Molly Norris Walker, author & head of design and user research at InfluxData and Chetana Deorah, director of product design at Coursera.

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